Spark: Free Blueprint Call

Uncover clarity with your health goals

What if I told you that in the next hour you could step into your power and take charge of your health?

You can't change what you're not aware of so darling, I'm here to help you get some clarity!

With a Spark: Free Blueprint Call you'll get:

  • 1 Free 20 minute video call
  • A clear plan on what your next step needs to be to live healthier + happier

A Spark: Free Blueprint Call is for any woman who is ready to take control of her health and her life.

This is for women who are ready to rise up and become your most radiant, aligned, healthy and high vibeing self by using a spiritual approach to nutrition to create change.

With my 3 prong approach to spiritual nutrition you can start living a healthy, happy life on your own terms.

Learn how to harness your bodies power with nutrition, yoga and meditation and release mental and emotional blocks that are keeping you stuck feeling like something's missing.

Together, we'll focus on three areas:

  • Nutrition - When we work together I'll create a healthy eating plan specifically for you to reach your goals
  • Stress - You can learn how stress is creating your dis-ease and how to find relief
  • Mind - I believe physical health starts in the mind. Discover how your thoughts, actions and habits are keeping you stuck

Your Instructor

Ally Potrebka
Ally Potrebka

Ally Potrebka has been practicing yoga for over 10 years and teaching group and private yoga classes for 6 years.

She is certified in Vinyasa, Hatha, Yin and Prenatal. She has travelled the world sharing her love and passion for yoga while teaching yoga teacher trainings.

Ally believes there is no 'right' or 'wrong' way to practice yoga. Her Flow & Let It Go style encourages students to connect with what feels good for them and go with that. She helps her students become curious about their body, breath and mind through a fusion of physical postures, mindfulness techniques, meditation and breath awareness (pranayama).